Meet our lovelly Melbourne sitter, Rosie.

Introducing Rosie from Melbourne! She works with pets. She spends her time with pets. She simply loves pets. She’s excited to get to know your pet too!

“I’ve dedicated my life to looking after animals!”
rosie lps 4

Name: Rosie
Age: 23
Occupation: Pet attendant
Hometown: Originally from Wellington, New Zealand. Now, Melbourne, Victoria.

Why do you love pets?
Because they love us back! When you can see how much an animal loves you and loves the extra care you give it – it makes you happy! There’s no reward other than that good feeling of looking after a living creature who would struggle on their own.

Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
The cat I live with loves to snuggle, roll around in the sun on the balcony and plays fetch with pieces of string!

Any advice for travellers who are leaving their pets at home?
Make sure the sitter gets to meet the pet beforehand! It’ll make the adjustment a little easier for the pet. Maybe the pet can have a piece of your clothing or something with them (that would smell like the owner) in their bed or crate so they can feel a bit more comfortable while the owner is away.

Must see pet movie?
I always loved The Lady and The Tramp and The Aristocats.

The three words that best describe you?
Friendly, colourful, adventurous.

Rosie is available for pet sits in Melbourne. Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Rosie!

Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters

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