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Top tips for leaving your pet while you take a holiday.

We know that leaving your pet when you go away can be traumatic, maybe more so for you then for them. At Lovelly Pet Sitters, we try to ease that discomfort by keeping your pets environment and routine as close to normal as possible.

Treats, toys, your scent left on clothing and furniture can all help pets to feel comfortable in their home with a new visitor coming to care for them.

We’ve asked some of our lovelly sitters for their top tips on things that owners can do when leaving their pets with a sitter while they are on holidays, here’s what they had to say!

Make sure someone will take the time to visit them and give them some human interaction. Also, plenty of toys and treats to help them through missing you.
– Victoria M

vic meehan 3


Always leave plenty of treats in the cupboard! (and maybe even some for the petsitter ;))
– Rhi T


Pets are happiest when they stick to their usual routine, so leave clear instructions for your house-sitter about how to minimise disruptions for your pets.
– Ninya M


Book me! Your pet will get loads of cuddles!
– Tess C


Leave them their favourite treat and always leave them enough food! Pre packaged portions is really helpful for us.
– Mathew Q

As much as some kennels/ catteries have improved, I believe that it is always best to reduce your fur/feather-child’s stress and anxiety by leaving them in their natural environment and having a pet sitter to try and maintain their regular routine. Fill your pet-sitter in on the routine and what your animal loves and if your pet is anxious then have the pet-sitter come around to meet them whilst you’re there first. Leave a piece of clothing with your scent on it so they know that you’re coming back and lastly, to support YOU, ask your pet-sitter to send photos or updates if you want so that you can see your pet relaxed and enjoying their own environment as usual.
– Lexi


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