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Meet our Pet Sitter Bruce from Sydney

Introducing our easy going dog lover Bruce from Sydney. He’s retired and ready to look after your pets! With spare time and a passion for animals, we are excited to have Bruce on our books!

A moment to chill with gorgeous Coco

Why do you love pets?
Good for the soul.

What are your hobbies?
Boating and Yachting.

Favourite Animal?

Chill time with playful Audrey

Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
Going for a nice walk.

Must see pet movie?
“Babe” or “Marley and Me”

The words that best describe you?
Easy going!

Bruce is available for pet sits in Sydney.

Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Bruce!

Email: lovellypetsitters@gmail.com
Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters

Introducing our lovely sitter Marisa from Sydney

When we asked Marisa why she wanted to join Lovelly Pet Sitters she said “I just love all animals – all of them!” We said “You’re hired!” Marisa is a recent addition to the team but she’s already been busy in Sydney caring for lovely dogs and cats over the busy Christmas and New Year period. Let’s get to know her a bit more and you will see why she is just such a lovelly pet sitter!

Occupation: Sound Editor and Bartender
Hometown: Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Favourite activity when you’re with a pet?
I love going for walks with dogs and getting sunshine and fresh air or if they have a more chill personality its awesome to just hang with them and watch TV.

What are your hobbies?
Music, photography and going on nature walks.

Fondest memory you have of your own pet or someone else’s?

Just being with my dog Monte- he was my best friend and every time with him was my fondest memory.

Favourite animal?
Dogs for sure- they are my spirit animal and swear i’m a dog whisperer

Must see pet movie?
“Milo and Otis”


The best book to read for animal lovers?
The Great Animal Orchestra by Bernie Krause- it talks about the sonic environments and ecosystems that are created by animals and how they communicate to each other and other species through sound, it’s very important to understand how sound affects animals- I am always very conscious of this.

The three words that best describe you?
Responsible, caring, friendly.

Marisa is available for pet sits in Sydney primarily.

Contact Lovelly Pet Sitters to make your booking with our lovelly Marisa:

Twitter: @lovellypetsits
Instagram: @lovellypetsits
Facebook: Lovelly Pet Sitters
Email: lovellypetsitters@gmail.com